Maisons Pariente,
A wonderful family venture

Patrick Pariente, who now heads a real estate group, first co-founded Naf-Naf with his brother in 1973. Twenty years later, after selling the brand to Vivarte, he then shifted his focus to real estate before creating luxury hotel brand Maisons Pariente with his two daughters, Leslie and Kimberley.

With a penchant for exceptional locations, bespoke service quality, friendly ambiances and a passion for contemporary art, Maisons Pariente was born out of a desire to explore a new and bold approach to hotel hospitality by adding a twist of zest, to host differently, as though at home, and to create a unique identity for each legendary place.

Maisons Pariente - Histoire

An out of the ordinary...
Ultra-modern vision


Choosing a hotel from the Maisons Pariente collection is not trivial. It's choosing a destination that you want to experience differently. A generous and sincere 5-star experience in rare places.

Choosing Maisons Pariente also means experiencing the feeling of belonging to a community that cultivates a taste for beautiful things and the art of good living.

It is to meet connoisseurs, epicureans and lovers of life. 

The Maisons Pariente spirit

Maisons Pariente relies on a team of extraordinary talent with complementary skills to design the identity of each hotel and bring it to life.

A contemporary family collection of 5-star hotels, designed as elegant private houses located in rare places, with a unique and arty personality, in perfect harmony with its environment.

Each hotel in the collection invites you to experience the simple and warm luxury hospitality.

Maisons Pariente - Maisons Pariente

Leslie Kouhana

The eldest of the Pariente sisters started out in asset management at a major international commercial real estate company, Unibail.

She went on to join the family business where she has worked to develop various real estate and hotel projects for 15 years. For each project, she builds and manages the teams, coordinates the contractors and selects the talent to create the identity envisaged by the family.

The close collaboration with the Oetker Collection for L'Apogée Courchevel made her a genuine expert in the luxury hotel industry and eager to launch Maisons Pariente, the family's self-designed hotel collection.

Maisons Pariente - Maisons Pariente

Kimberley Pariente

Kimberley began exploring the world early on, spending eight years in the USA between New York and Los Angeles.

First a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, her first professional experiences were in fashion and entrepreneurship, with a furnished holiday rental business in Los Angeles.

With this international experience under her belt, she joined the thriving family group in 2015 as Artistic Director of Maisons Pariente.

Up to the minute with the latest trends, her main focus is the identity of the hotel projects, their market positioning, promotion and sourcing.

Extraordinary places, hotels each with a unique personality,

Excellent, sincere and generous service.