Social and Environmental Responsibility

Maisons Pariente is committed to providing exemplary service in the luxury hotel industry where they strive for excellence.

Each of the Maisons Pariente hotels are defined by their vision to provide a warm and unique luxury experience, in tune with the aspirations of the contemporary world. As a result, CSR is a natural part of its DNA, integral to an independent family business attached to human and ecological values. Just recently awarded the Ecotable 3 label for the La Madeleine restaurant at the Hôtel Crillon le Brave in Provence, Maisons Pariente has always been committed to a global sustainable and responsible approach, embodied in a whole series of coherent actions.

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From Crillon le Brave to Saint-Tropez, and from Méribel to Paris, Maisons Pariente has assembled a collection of 5-star hotels designed as private homes in perfect harmony with their environment. In each of its establishments, Maisons Pariente has only one goal: to offer the best.

Maisons Pariente offers the best for their clients, including ultra-personalised amenities and services that make you feel at home from the very moment you step inside.

The best for its employees, as they are the ones who make the company valuable. Excellent working conditions in the hotels, restaurants and spas ensure each individual has the opportunity to grow, acquire skills and progress in their careers. An employee of the month is chosen to reward and highlight the efforts of our teams. Many employees and hoteliers participate in the 10km des étoiles run which supports the Laurette Fugain association. This is an incredible cause for children, teenagers and adults suffering from blood and bone marrow cancer. This is a unique opportunity to unite our hoteliers and employees whilst also maintaining a company culture to which everyone is proud to belong.

The best for its suppliers and partners, thanks to brilliant professional relations, based on cooperation, sincere, fair and balanced teamwork in an ethical environment. An innovative business model that ensures quality, profitability and responsibility.

The best for the environment, with admirable sustainable choices to reduce impact, preserve natural resources and avoid waste.


We all know the resources of our planet must be protected. The energy crisis and the increasing scarcity of water means that we must change our behaviour, one small step at a time. Every year, Maisons Pariente participates in Earth Hour by turning off all its electric lights, as a symbolic action which has resulted in many other initiatives being implemented as a result.

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Each Maisons Pariente hotel offers its customers the option to change their bath and bed linens on demand rather than daily, to reduce water and energy consumption. Aluminium bottles replace plastic bottles and toiletries are now offered in large sizes, with soaps recycled through dedicated channels. Donations are made to the Secours Populaire Français. All parking lots are equipped with electric charging stations. In addition, all the light bulbs in Maisons Pariente hotels are LED. In order to reduce consumption, taps in the bathrooms have water aerators. Moreover, Simmons hotel beddings are 100% made in France, in fact the fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, the wood is PFEC certified and the company is EcoVadis silver medal certified, so many arguments that will make you appreciate these dream beddings even more!

Maisons Pariente invites you to your home, extend the experience with excellent bedding.

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Maisons Pariente chooses partners who share their values and vision for the world. An example of this? The collaboration with Tata Harper for the hotel spas; a high-end natural cosmetic brand with impeccable products and an inspiring philosophy.

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Internally, Maisons Pariente has installed water fountains and provide water bottles for their teams who eat at the Foodles canteen. In addition, our hoteliers are part of the Clean Walks organisation which ensures waste is collected in the vicinity of our hotels. Le Grand Mazarin, had installed bed lifts that will make it easier to clean rooms, this means employees will be able to easily around the bed rather than pushing it. This investment also contributes to reducing the arduousness of work and musculo-skeletal injuries for our teams. Maisons Pariente is committed to building a society that respects ethical criteria, diversity, employability, human rights and health & safety. All the staff are trained in welcoming people with disabilities and in eco-actions. Maisons Pariente organizes a CSR Champion election in each hotel every three months. The aim of this election is to reward and highlight employees who have taken CSR initiatives in their professional and/or personal lives.

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Provence is not only a paradise for cicadas... Bat nesting boxes and bird feeders are installed and regularly supplied, and each season before the opening a clean walk is organised in Crillon le Brave to preserve local biodiversity. In addition, Maisons Pariente favours the purchase of vintage furniture in all our beautiful projects, with the primary objective to reducing the carbon footprint. We have also set up a car rental service for business trips with the company VIRTUO, which balances its carbon impact and is gradually replacing its fleet with electric cars. Many of the cleaning products in the hotels are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Soaps are collected and recycled in partnership with a health organisation committed to improving the quality of life for communities in need. We have implemented a waste sorting, recycling and reduction system with the training of our teams. The linen at the end of the cycle is reused for cleaning.

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Crillon le Brave provides transport that ensures little environmental impact. It is possible to discover the Provencal villages, vineyards and ochre quarries on foot, on horseback or by electric bicycle. The hotel provides its guests with bicycles, scooters and electric scooters.   

In addition, Maisons Pariente has set up a car rental service for business trips with the company VIRTUO, which offsets its carbon impact and is gradually replacing its vehicles with electric cars.


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Café Joyeux x Maisons Pariente

Convinced that coffee can have a positive impact on our society, Café Joyeux and Maisons Pariente have joined forces to promote the employment of people with mental and cognitive disabilities, offering special attention to each of its customers. In the mini bars of all the hotels, Maisons Pariente offers free coffee capsules from CAFE JOYEUX. CAFE JOYEUX are also available for employees in the Paris headquarters offices. 100% of the profits made by the company are reinvested in the opening of new cafés to enable the hiring of disabled people. Assembled by a "Meilleure Ouvrière de France", their coffee is roasted and packaged in France. All orders are prepared by 30 disabled people in Paris.

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Ventoux Compost

Isabelle GAILLARD Co-founder and Francis GUTIERREZ Co-founder, both passionate about nature and life, decided to combine their skills and their desire to contribute to the improvement of soil quality by creating Ventoux Compost. By bike, they travel around the restaurants of Avignon to collect bio-waste and then transform it into resources for a return to the earth.

The Crillon Le Brave House was seduced by this "pair of bees" and without hesitation we called upon their services: 
  • Evaluation of the quantity of bio-waste generated by the Crillon le Brave hotel
  • Training of the teams and partners
  • Provision of bins to receive the biowaste and if necessary of pre-collection bins and explanatory sheets
  • Realization of a follow-up of the weighed collected of our biowastes every month
  • Guarantee of a good transformation process of our biowaste into a quality compost

Thinking further and doing more

For the luxury hotel industry, the ecological transition is a long road and Maisons Pariente is moving forward, modestly, step by step to meet the challenges. Kimberley Cohen, co-founder and artistic director of Maisons Pariente, explains,

"We are part of a global societal ecosystem and we are well aware of the environmental issues and responsibilities we all must assume. We are fortunate to work in places of unique beauty, and it is up to us to limit our impact while providing our clients with unique memories, again and again."