At the table with Adrien Brunet, inspired chef of the Table du Ventoux

At the table with Adrien Brunet, inspired chef of the Table du Ventoux

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Portrait of a chef who awakens the soul of Provence.

A chef attached to the land of Provence

Located in the heart of Provence, the restaurant La Table du Ventoux is a setting worthy of Adrien Brunet's talent. Its superb terrace overlooks the Vaucluse, revealing an unparalleled view of Mont Ventoux. When the weather is fine, guests can sit down in front of this idyllic panorama and enjoy the chef's subtle creations, inspired by the Provencal soil. Since Adrien has taken over the restaurant of the Maison, La Table du Ventoux, Brunet has made this region, rich in exceptional products, entirely his own with his unique spin on local dishes. 

Born into a family of farmers, Adrien Brunet grew up surrounded by animals in the heart of the Berry countryside. Very quickly, the call of the kitchen became a concrete interest of his, and after a training in La Rochelle amongst other additional courses, he met the Best Worker of France Jean-Luc Rocha, in Cordeillan-Bages. This was followed by five years of a fruitful working collaboration, which led him to take over from the starred chef spot at Saint-James in Paris. "Jean-Luc Rocha has a very beautiful vision of cooking, he has an irreproachable technique. He has always given me a lot of freedom, so I have been able to experiment a lot with him", Adrien Brunet comments. Since March 2021, Adrien has expressed and grown his talent at the Provencal restaurant of the Crillon le Brave hotel.

La Table du Ventoux, the quintessence of Provence

Although Adrien was not initially familiar with this region, he quickly took advantage of the riches of Provence by building a network of carefully selected local producers. "When I arrived at Crillon le Brave, I tried to anchor my cuisine in the region as much as possible. Provence is a very vast region, you don't eat the same way in Nice as in Marseille, for example. Among the chef's favorite products are octopus, lamb, but also melon from Cavaillon, tomatoes... At the Table du Ventoux, I base my menu on the seasonal products that surround us. We are lucky to have exceptional products at hand, we must know how to take advantage of them!" 

In the summer, at lunchtime, the menu is light, with preserved vegetables and pieces of meat or grilled fish. In the evening, the proposals are coated with greed, like the nougat with foie gras, a must of the House. A table where the magic of the Provencal territory bewitches both the taste buds and the eyes with mouthwatering creations.


Adrien Brunet in 8 questions 

Your culinary Proust's madeleine?

There are several: stuffed tomatoes, pot-au-feu broth, potato pie.... my grandma's dishes that take me back to my childhood.

A signature dish, a must-try at the Table du Ventoux? 

It's hard to name just one! I would say the grilled octopus, the red tuna, or the soufflé with almonds from Provence and lavender.

The ingredient that every Provencal must have in their kitchen?

Aromatic herbs: thyme, savory, oregano... and olive oil, of course.

Your favorite producer in the region?

Le colombier du Comtat is an exceptional supplier of pigeon, and Sébastien Coudray, for his incredible asparagus and strawberries.

What is your main source of inspiration for creating your recipes?

Inspiration can come from many things: a desire, a product, a color, a photo.... I feed on everything around me for inspiration!

What is your favorite food?

I don't eat it that often, but nothing beats a good ham and butter sandwich!

What culinary challenge would you like to take up?

Passing the Meilleur Ouvrier de France compétition

What's the best time to come and sit at the Table du Ventoux?

Every moment on the terrace of the Table du Ventoux is unforgettable, from sunrise while having breakfast, to sunset, with a cocktail, or while enjoying a grilled octopus, when the temperatures are milder.

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