Maisons Pariente, a collection of responsible hotels

Maisons Pariente, a collection of responsible hotels

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At Maisons Pariente, many ecological, responsible, and humanitarian initiatives have been implemented in order to reduce our impact on the planet but also to improve the daily lives of the underprivileged. Recycling of soaps, collecting clothes, or banning plastic bottles in our hotels, here are a few examples of the initiatives that we have implemented in our hotels. 

Recycling our soaps with Unisoap 

Unisoap is the first French association to recycle hotel soaps for humanitarian purposes. It has a dual objective: reduce the waste produced by hotels by recycling the remains of unused soaps left by our guests, and to give access to hygiene to the underprivileged. 
The principle: the soaps that are used and left by our guests are collected at the end of their stay and stored in a box. When this box is full, Unisoap collects it and sends it to their recycling center. The soaps are then sorted and revalorized, the entire recycling process being carried out by disabled workers and cosmetics experts. The new soaps are then donated to local and international NGOs to provide access to hygiene for everyone in the world. 

To learn more about Unisoap, visit their website:

A second life for your clothes with Giving Bag

Giving Bag is a sustainable initiative that involves both our guests and hotel in the local communities. It allows our guests to donate any piece of clothing or accessories they do not wish to keep after their stay. Simply place them in the donation bag provided in the rooms. The bags are then donated to local charities, such as the Secours Populaire Français, with which Hotel Le Coucou Méribel has partnered for example, who will then redistribute them to the people in need. 

To learn more about Giving Bag, visit their website:

Cartons to reduce plastic 

Plastic bottles have been replaced by cartons, which have a smaller ecological footprint. These cardboard cartons are made of renewable materials, composed of 70% vegetable raw materials and 100% recyclable. They are also BPA-free. These cartons of water are given to our guests in our spas, fitness centers, and at check-out.  

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