Mont Ventoux’s hotel - Crillon le Brave is the meeting point between elegance and wonder.

Mont Ventoux’s hotel - Crillon le Brave is the meeting point between elegance and wonder.

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From April to the end of December, in the heart of the Vaucluse region and near the most beautiful Provencal cities, Hotel Crillon le Brave enchants and captivates travelers from around the world. Transformed into a prestigious hotel, Crillon le Brave offers a selection of 34 rooms and suites inspired with a unique atmosphere. In these spaces, authenticity and period charm contrast with a warm but delicate decoration.

Live the authentic experience of a hotel at the bottom of Mont Ventoux during your getaway with family, friends or lovers. Embark on a journey to an exceptional experience at this sumptuous hotel in Crillon le Brave and enjoy a variety of services: A heated outdoor pool, an amazing garden, attentive and tailor-made service, a breathtaking view, two restaurants with varied culinary offerings, ranging from bistro cuisine to many other delights to explore with your own eyes...

Hotel Crillon le Brave invites you to a stay to experience ultimate relaxation, exploration and gastronomy.

In the heart of the picturesque scenery of the Vaucluse region, the Hotel Crillon le Brave stands as a jewel of refinement and tranquility. Nestled opposite the mythical Mont Ventoux, this exceptional establishment offers much more than just accommodation: it offers a unique experience, where the harmony between the natural splendour of Mont Ventoux and the authentic charm of the charming village of Crillon le Brave combines to create a memorable stay.


Breathtaking views from our Mont Ventoux hotel

The location of the Hotel Crillon le Brave proves to be one of the most remarkable attractions of the region. Located opposite Mont Ventoux, also called the "Giant of Provence", our hotel enjoys a breathtaking panoramic view of this iconic mountain. Imagine waking up every morning to this majestic panorama, where shades of light play on the contours of the snowy summit in winter and on the golden reflections of the surrounding fields in summer.


A stay between luxury and nature

Hotel Crillon le Brave offers 34 rooms and suites, each embedded with a distinctive atmosphere where the authenticity of the past blends harmoniously with modern comforts. The elegance of the interiors and the quality of the services deliver an unparalleled luxurious experience of a hotel facing Mont Ventoux. Each space, carefully arranged, invites you to relax and immerse yourself in a bubble of privacy and serenity, all with breathtaking views. Enjoy the spa for a moment of absolute serenity. Nestled in the heart of our spa hotel, just a few steps from your room, a real sanctuary of tranquility where you can revitalize yourself and enjoy massages or tailor-made treatments. Immerse yourself in the expertise of our practitioners to transform your stay into an authentic experience.


Our Mont Ventoux hotel, an invitation to exploration

The Hotel Crillon le Brave is located at the crossroads of many major points of interest in the region, making it an ideal base for exploring the Vaucluse and its wonders. Just a few steps from the hotel, visitors can explore the charming cobbled streets of the village of Crillon le Brave, steeped in history and Provençal character. Local markets, offering regional and artisanal products, colour the atmosphere with captivating flavours and smells.


Mont Ventoux: A playground for enthusiasts

Lovers of nature and outdoor activities will find their happiness at Mont Ventoux, legendary stage of the Tour de France. This iconic mountain offers a variety of opportunities, whether hiking, cycling or climbing. The paths winding through the forests and lavender fields, open onto breathtaking panoramas. Cyclists, meanwhile, will take up the challenge of climbing the slopes of Mont Ventoux, a must-see for enthusiasts.

Emerging majestically at 1910 meters above sea level, Mont Ventoux, nicknamed our "giant of Provence", stands as a guardian overlooking the Vaucluse. This iconic mountain, recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, offers impressive and striking panoramas. For nature lovers, there are a plethora of activities at hand. From scenic hikes to bike rides to paragliding experiences, skiing and many more, Mont Ventoux welcomes all passions. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, this site offers an exceptional opportunity. The breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Provence are a source of unparalleled well-being.

On either side of the Giant of Provence the area is covered by various hiking trails, suitable for both families and experienced walkers. Everyone can walk the mountain according to their own level and preference. If the idea of a memorable experience tempts you, go early in the morning to enjoy the ascent of Mont Ventoux and contemplate the sunrise from its summit. For cycling enthusiasts, the roads of Mont Ventoux are world famous and popular. Our giant of Provence is one of the mythical stages of the Tour de France, attracting cyclists from all walks of life.

Mont Ventoux is not only an imposing mountain: it represents an incomparable escape for nature lovers, adventurous athletes and explorers in search of breathtaking landscapes. Its captivating splendor and varied activities make it a destination of choice, inscribed in the soul of Provence.


A territory rich in flavours

Provençal gastronomy is an invitation to the journey of the senses, and to Hotel Crillon le Brave. With two restaurants offering dishes made from the freshest ingredients in the area, guests can enjoy an authentic dining experience. From bistro cuisine to gastronomic creations, each bite reveals the treasures of the Vaucluse area, accompanied by renowned regional wines.


The landscapes of Mont Ventoux, an invitation to relax

After a day of exploration or sports activities, Hotel Crillon le Brave located opposite Mont Ventoux welcomes guests as an oasis of relaxation. The outdoor swimming pool offers a refreshing place with the majesty of Mont Ventoux as a backdrop. The carefully maintained gardens invite you to moments of contemplation and tranquility, perfect for recharging your batteries. Do not miss a game of petanque with family or friends to play at the end of the day.


The elegance of authenticity

The Hotel Crillon le Brave blends elegance and authenticity with finesse. Preserving the soul of the village while offering luxury amenities, it creates a rare balance that appeals to travellers seeking authentic experiences. Every corner of the establishment reveals architectural details and touches of decoration that tell a story, that of Provence and its timeless charms.


Hotel Crillon le Brave, a must-see stop at the bottom of Mont Ventoux.

The Hotel Crillon le Brave stands as a haven of serenity and splendor, directly opposite the legendary Mont Ventoux. Its exceptional location offers a total immersion in the natural beauty of the region, while putting at hand the cultural and culinary jewels of the Vaucluse. For travellers looking for an experience where luxury blends with authenticity, where the majestic panorama of Mont Ventoux becomes the setting of every moment, the Hotel Crillon le Brave is much more than a simple destination: it is an invitation to a memorable adventure, an encounter with Provence in all its splendor.


Hotel Crillon le Brave opened on April 7th, 2023. To learn more about us and book your stay, visit our website or contact our reservations team at or by phone at ++33 (0)4 90 65 61 61