Recipe: Anissa Boulesteix's pissaladière

Recipe: Anissa Boulesteix's pissaladière

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Transport yourself to the countryside of Hotel Crillon le Brave in Provence, with this recipe by our head chef: Anissa Boulesteix. 

Ingredients (for 4 people):

Pizza dough:

  1. 100g T55 flour
  2. 50g water
  3. 2g salt
  4. 5g baker's yeast
  5. 12g organic olive oil 
  6. 80g fine polenta

Filling ingredients:

  1. 8 sweet Cévennes onions
  2. 300g Nyons olives
  3. 250g soft butter
  4. Organic olive oil
  5. Fresh thyme
  6. Fine salt
  7. 24 anchovy fillets


  1. To make the pizza dough, mix all the ingredients in the mixer and let run for 5 minutes at speed 1, then 7 minutes at speed 3
  2. Make dough pieces of 50g and spread them in the direction length.
  3. For the filling, chop the onions and add butter. Let sweat and add the thyme and salt. When ready, spread the onion compote on the pre-cooked dough.
  4. Add the marinated anchovy fillets (olive oil, salt, thyme), arrange the Nyons olives. 
  5. Bake at 220C for about 6 minutes. Decorate with fresh thyme branch. 

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